~ Music & Sounds ~
Shown here are my currently available uploaded music and sound-works. I'll add more as I record new things. These are free to listen to and each link will open a new tab at the Youtube clip. Currently all of my music and sound works are free to listen to but they are still my creations and my artistic properties and shouldn't be copied or used in any way without my permission.  View all of these at Sleipnir Blue's Uploads on Youtube 
mountain_journey forgotten_worlds_short  fogotten_worlds  journey_of_solitude temporal_realignment
Mountain Journey Forgotten Worlds (short segment) Forgotten Worlds (full) Journey of Solitude Temporal Realignment
2015nov4_odysay  aetheric_dream  thought_believer  impermanence  shadow_realm 
2015.nov.4 "Odsay" VST ~ experimental  Aetheric Dream Thought Believer Impermanence Shadow Realm 
neutron_star  neutron_star  time_drifter  galactic_core  imp_roo_visation 
Neutron Star Ymir's Dream  Time Drifter  Galactic Core Imp-Roo-Visation #1
ginnungagap  fiery_haze_of_time  racing_past_ice_dragon  crystal_caves  fenrirs_call 
Ginnungagap Fiery  Haze of TIme Racing Past the Ice Dragon Crystal Caves Fenrir's Call
2014oct9_improvisation  nebular_winds  2014 aug17_Sandpipers  2014aug11_improvisation  energy_of_trees 
 2014.oct.9 Improvisation Nebular Winds 2014.aug.17 Sandpipers 2014.aug.11 Improvisation  Energy of the Trees